Meet Grayson.

We’re trying to focus as we write this story. We’re really…trying…to…focus. But it’s hard. The problem is we’re listening to Rare Americans while trying to write. More specifically, we’re actually listening and watching some of their animated music videos . And we can’t turn away. Because they’re good. Just like Grayson said they were. We tuned in to Rare Americans because Grayson likes them and we like Grayson. Grayson is the kind of human we like to brag about.




Grayson Clyde





He likes the NOISE.


Grayson rocks the guitar in one of our Rock Bands, Cinderblock. But music is something that’s played a role in Grayson’s life long before Backbeat. He started playing guitar shortly after he learned to walk. Okay, more like elementary school, but it’s pretty much same-same. Grayson started on an acoustic guitar and transitioned over to an electric in junior high. One of his favourite things about playing guitar? The noise. Specifically all the sounds you can make and effects you can add depending on your amp or how you bend the strings. Plus the guitar is versatile.You can play it as a standalone instrument or add a layer of vocals on top.  We agree, it’s kinda awesome like that.


Playing in a Rock Band changed the game for Grayson. He joined a band at Backbeat just over three years ago after being invited by his friend, Aleksia. Prior to this, he was taking more “traditional” private guitar lessons and music was starting to feel stagnant. His mom Erin shares that “learning in a band format was a completely new and exciting experience [for Grayson}.” Erin loves the camaraderie between Grayson and his band members and how excited he gets when he’s getting ready to play a gig. As for Grayson, he likes playing in a band because, well, it’s fun! And making music with friends is satisfying. Especially when you get to choose the songs you play. Sure, the performances can be a bit nerve-wracking, but you’re never on stage alone and Grayson admits that it’s kinda fun to show off sometimes. Plus let’s not forget the lights. “I really like the lights!” says Grayson smiling. We agree. Showing off and lights are a magical combination.


Teenager with short, curly brown hair and glasses playing orange electric guitar.
Grayson Clyde, age 16, doing his thing on guitar. Photo credit: The Gray Hive Photo
Teenager with short brown, curly hair and glasses standing with electric guitar next to him. Wearing rainbow-coloured knee high socks and black pleated leather skirt and black T-shirt.
Grayson Clyde outside the Rock Band room where his band practices. Photo credit: The Gray Hive Photo


Guitar isn’t where the music stops for Grayson. He’s also interested in picking up the drums - because they’re loud(!) - and he sings in his school choir. Grayson enjoys being a multi-faceted musician, but recognizes that all the options in music can sometimes be confusing or even paralyzing for someone trying to figure out what instrument is right for them. His advice? “[You} just have to try it to see if you like it. You don’t know until you try. And if it doesn’t work, no big deal.” says Grayson matter-of-factly. We love this. Because all too often, if something doesn’t work out, we’re tempted to make a big deal out of it. We feel like if we don’t make the “right” choice the first time, there could be dire effects. But whether it’s music or life, sometimes the biggest risk we can take is to simply try. And if it doesn’t work, it’s no big deal. As long as we don’t stop trying. As long as we don’t stop learning and growing.


"You don't know until you try. And if it doesn't work, no big deal."

- Grayson


Here’s to you, Grayson. To who you are and your refreshing perspective on giving things a shot. We’re proud to have you be a part of what we do. Not to mention that, thanks to you, we can now spend the rest of our afternoon listening to Rare Americans.


Feet of a student wearing black boots and rainbow-coloured socks on a beige rug.
Photo Credit: The Gray Hive Photo



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