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Beginner music lessons in Edmonton

Learning to play your first instrument should totally ROCK

It's tough to know if your child is ready to start music lessons. Then there's the bigger question as to what instrument to start them on. And let's not forget that none of us want to play out that whole nag-your-child-about-practicing routine. The good news is that it's exactly for these reasons that we created Bigger Beats.

Beginner Music Lessons Edmonton
Beginner Music Lessons Edmonton
Beginner Music Lessons Edmonton

What exactly is Bigger Beats?

Bigger Beats is a one-of-a-kind beginner music class that helps 5-7 year olds discover the instrument that's right for them without you having to invest a lot of time, money or energy into nagging them about an instrument they don't like.

How does it work?

You get to choose-your-own-adventure. Your child can learn one instrument during one, 10-week session. Or they can try three different instruments (piano, drums, ukulele) over the course of a year by registering for three different Bigger Beats sessions.

Do I need to buy an instrument?

All instruments are provided for students registered for in-person classes. Students who are registered for Bigger Beats Online are required to provide their own instruments.

BIGGER BEATS // edmonton

Bigger Beats is currently available in-person and online.


30 minute group class.

Classes happen once per week.

Each session consists of 10 classes.

See below for sessions currently available.

Class size

4- 6 students per class.   


In-person // 10011 82 Ave. EDMONTON

Online // via Zoom   

LeVels taught


AGE Requirements

5 -7 years old.

Not quite old enough? Check out our Little Beats program for 3-5 year olds!


1 performance opportunity at the end of each session.                       


After Bigger Beats, your child will be ready to transition to private music lessons on their favourite instrument.                     

GET STARTED // three easy steps


Bigger Beats PIANO

$199 / 10 weeks

  • It all starts with Middle C. Piano is the first instrument many kids learn and for a good reason: it rocks! Your child will learn the musical alphabet, develop good piano habits and also learn how to read notes and count basic rhythms. A big part of learning music is having fun and rocking out. So we're going to do a lot of that too!
  • Available in-person.

Bigger Beats UKULELE

$199 / 10 weeks

  • This is the Bigger Beats class to take if your child is interested in learning guitar. We use ukuleles as in introduction to guitar because ukuleles are smaller and easier for young kids to physically handle. Your child will learn the basics needed to play ukulele as well as proper techniques that will translate over to guitar.
  • Available in-person and online.

Bigger Beats DRUMS

$199 / 10 weeks

  • Four on the floor. A basic rock beat. Hitting the crash just for the heck of it. What's not to love about playing the drums? Your child will learn the different parts of the kit, how to count and play lots of cool rhythms. They'll also learn the importance of tempo and dynamics as a drummer. This class is where the beat goes to have fun!
  • Available in-person.

Class NameAgesDatesTimeDay of the WeekSessionRegistration Status
Bigger Beats - UKULELE (Online)Ages 5 - 7Sept. 14 - Nov. 23, 20203:30 - 4pmMondaysFALL 2020SOLD OUT
Bigger Beats - PIANOAges 5 - 7Sept. 14 - Nov. 23, 20204 - 4:30pmMondaysFALL 2020SOLD OUT
Bigger Beats - DRUMSAges 5 - 7Sept. 14 - Nov. 23, 20205:30 - 6pmMondaysFALL 2020SOLD OUT
Bigger Beats - DRUMSAges 5 - 7Sept. 15 - Nov. 17, 20204 - 4:30pmTuesdaysFALL 2020CLOSED
Bigger Beats - UKULELEAges 5 - 7Sept. 17 - Nov. 19, 20204 - 4:30pmThursdaysFALL 2020SOLD OUT
Bigger Beats - PIANOAges 5 - 7Sept. 16 - Nov. 25, 20204 - 4:30pmWednesdaysFALL 2020SOLD OUT
Bigger Beats - PIANOAges 5 - 7Sept. 21 - Nov. 30, 20203:30 - 4pmMondaysFALL 2020SOLD OUT
Bigger Beats - UKULELE (Online)Ages 5 - 7Sept. 22 - Nov. 24, 20205:30 - 6pmTuesdaysFALL 2020SOLD OUT
Bigger Beats - UKULELEAges 5 - 7Oct. 5 - Dec. 14, 20206 - 6:30pmMondaysFALL 2020SOLD OUT
  • REGISTER ONLINE // don't miss out!

We're PUMPED to rock out with you!

Beginner Music Lessons Edmonton