Drum lessons that rock

in the heart of Edmonton


And release your inner John Bonham.

Upbeat. Off-beat. Swing beat. Heartbeat.  Whatever beat you're into, we're ready to help you learn how to lock it in. Learn music and play the songs you like. Don't worry - our awesome teachers will make sure you're getting the theory and skills you need to become a better musician.

Drum Lessons Edmonton
Drum Lessons Edmonton
Drum Lessons Edmonton


Private lessons are available in-person or online. You pick!

Lesson format

30 or 60 minute lessons available.

Lessons scheduled once per week.

Lessons available Monday thru Saturday.


In-person // 10011 82 Ave. EDMONTON 

Online // Skype or Zoom     


Minimum of 2 performance opportunities per year.                       

LeVels taught

Beginner to advanced

AGE Requirements

Private lessons are available for ages 6+.

Not quite old enough? Check out Little Beats (ages 3-5).

Have a younger child and not quite sure what instruments to start them on? Check out Bigger Beats (ages 5-7).


$109 / month


    $208 / month

      ADD ROCK BAND // supercharge your learning

      Rock School Edmonton
      Vocal Lessons Edmonton
      Rock Band Edmonton
      • What exactly is rock band?

        Rock Band is a structured group jam once a week that's led by a Backbeat teacher and is designed to make you a better musician. 

      • Who can join a rock band?

        Anyone over the age of 10 who has had at least one year of private lessons on their instrument.

      • Why should I join a rock band?

        Because it's FUN. And it will make you more confident in who you are as a musician. 

      GET STARTED // three easy steps

      • Fill out our online registration form.

        (We won't ask for any payment info yet.)

      • We'll reach out and make sure we have the right fit for you.

        (After this step, we'll ask you to pay.)

      • Start learning music!

      We're PUMPED to rock out with you!

      Drum Lessons Edmonton