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Little Beats

The Preschool Music Program for Mini Rock Stars

Sometimes it’s hard to wait. Especially when you’re three years old. Little Beats is a preschool music program for your mini rock star (age 3-5) who isn’t quite old enough for private lessons, but just needs to get the Led out.

This group-based, 6-week music class gives preschoolers the chance to explore and develop a love of music in a way that’s so fun they won't realize they're learning. In each session they'll be introduced to and given the chance to play the five core instruments of a rock band: guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals and drums. They'll also learn basic rhythm concepts, vocal techniques and experience what it means to play and perform music with other kids by being part of they're own noise rock band. Little Beaters ROCK OUT.

Something else we love? Each Little Beats band gets their very own band poster which they autograph for parents and friends after their final performance. What can we say? These stars know how to make their mark with Crayola!

Please note: students are not required to have any instruments for this program. Everything they need will be provided in-class.

UPCOMING SESSIONS (6 weeks each)

Please note: students in drop-off class must be able to go to the washroom independently.
DatesDay of the WeekSESSIONTimeParented/Drop-offPriceRegistration Status
Feb. 1 - Mar. 7, 2020SaturdayWINTER10 - 10:45 amParented$105SOLD OUT
Feb. 1 - Mar. 7, 2020SaturdayWINTER11 - 11:45 amDrop-off$125SOLD OUT
Feb. 6 - Mar. 12, 2020ThursdayWINTER10 - 10:45 amParented$105OPEN
Feb. 6 - Mar. 12, 2020ThursdayWINTER11 - 11:45 amDrop-off$125OPEN
Apr. 25 - May 30, 2020SaturdaySPRING9 - 9:45 amDrop-off$125OPEN
Apr. 25 - May 30, 2020SaturdaySPRING10 - 10:45 amParented$105OPEN
Apr. 25 - May 30, 2020SaturdaySPRING11 - 11:45 amDrop-off$125SOLD OUT
Apr. 30 - Jun. 4, 2020ThursdaySPRING10 - 10:45 amParented$105OPEN
Apr. 30 - Jun. 4, 2020ThursdaySPRING11 - 11:45 amDrop-off$125OPEN