Vocal lessons that rock

in the heart of Edmonton


And release your inner Freddie Mercury.

Your voice. It's personal. Whether you like to sing in the car or you feel ready to take centre stage, there's nothing like the instrument that's inside you. Learn music and sing the songs you like. Don't worry - our awesome teachers will make sure you're getting the theory and skills you need to become a better musician.

Vocal Lessons Edmonton
Vocal Lessons Edmonton
Vocal Lessons Edmonton


Private lessons are available in-person or online.

Lesson format

30 or 60 minute lessons available.

Lessons scheduled once per week.

Lessons available Monday thru Saturday.


In-person // 10011 82 Ave. EDMONTON 

Online // Skype or Zoom     


Minimum of 2 performance opportunities per year.                       

LeVels taught

Beginner to advanced

AGE Requirements

Private lessons are available for ages 6+.

Not quite old enough? Check out Little Beats (ages 3-5).

Have a younger child and not quite sure what instruments to start them on? Check out Bigger Beats (ages 5-7).


$109 / month


    $208 / month

      ADD ROCK BAND // supercharge your learning

      Rock School Edmonton
      Vocal Lessons Edmonton
      Rock Band Edmonton
      • What exactly is rock band?

        Rock Band is a structured group jam once a week that's led by a Backbeat teacher and is designed to make you a better musician. 

      • Who can join a rock band?

        Anyone over the age of 10 who has had at least one year of private lessons on their instrument.

      • Why should I join a rock band?

        Because it's FUN. And it will make you more confident in who you are as a musician. 

      GET STARTED // three easy steps

      • Fill out our online registration form.

        (We won't ask for any payment info yet.)

      • We'll reach out and make sure we have the right fit for you.

        (After this step, we'll ask you to pay.)

      • Start learning music!

      We're PUMPED to rock out with you!

      Summer Rock Camp Edmonton