Summer Rock Camp is always a great time of year. It's actually the BEST time of year (sorry, Christmas).

Given our COVID reality, we knew that this year's camp was going to be different. We also knew that we needed to figure something out because most of us are going to be stuck at home this summer. So we dreamed the dreams and stormed our brains to come up with a wya that we could break the mold for this year's camp. AND WE DID IT.

As of now, rock camp will be done fully online to ensure everyone's safety. But don't worry - we're keeping all the good stuff - meeting new friends, writing and recording music, playing games, telling jokes and getting into the nitty gritty of becoming better musicians. Plus we're making MUSIC VIDEOS. Just because we can.

We're super pumped to give you a full week of energy and awesomeness where you'll be immersed in music day-in and day-out.

Find out which week is right for you.