Why We’re Different

Good question! First of all, Backbeat is a fun place to be! You get to jam with your friends and make music together. What could be better? You get to learn some awesome skills – which takes practice and hard work, and probably some private music lessons – and then apply those skills in a rock band. This is where the magic really happens. If you’ve never played music in a group, get ready for the ride of your life! You’ll never look at music the same after playing in a band.

One of the hardest things about playing in a band is finding the right people to play with – just ask anyone who’s ever played in a band. The great thing about Backbeat is, we do that for you. We find the right band mates for you, with similar interests, skill level, etc. that we think will be the right fit for you. Then, we don’t just leave you hanging to figure things out for yourself. We’re there to guide you and your band mates through the process. We teach you things like how to listen to each other, how to communicate while playing (and while not playing), how to choose the right songs for a performance, how to develop stage presence, and more. And then we give you the chance to perform and show off your skills, which is the coolest part of all!