give twice.

This is Will. He's 13 years old. And this T-shirt is his brainchild to help other youth.

The Story Behind The Shirt

Will's been drawing since he could hold pencil. He first got into art by watching his older brother, Vincent, and wanting to be just like him. Will started off drawing cartoons and eventually got into doodle art, which he describes as "a bunch of mini cartoons inside a bigger cartoon."

Will decided to use his creativity for good this past spring when COVID hit. "I used to get a lot of inspiration [for my art] from going places and travelling, but COVID has taken away a lot of that. So my dad and I talked about other ways that I could re-focus my art during this time. That's when we came up with the idea of designing a T-shirt for Backbeat that could be used to benefit a local charity."
100% of the proceeds from Will's T-shirt sales will go to support Y.E.S.S. (Youth Empowerment and Support Services) here in Edmonton. Will chose Y.E.S.S. because he thinks "it's sad that kids, who are at the start of their lives, are going through such tough times. I want to do what I can to help them."

Will, we couldn't be more on board. We're proud to have you as one of our own.

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